Kim Wheeler is a S.E Queensland artist.

“Everyday beauty and dark corners are my inspiration.”

I have a few projects on the go at moment. One of the current collection of works is a multi layering of mediums. I am incorporating all of my loves, textiles, knitting, photography, drawing and writing into the pieces. The other thing I am working on is an auto-biographical look at home through the making of knitted houses. I have lived in nearly 30 houses in a period of around 20 years, so feel I have some experiences to share in this area.

In 2009 I started a foundation drawing course. This changed my life. It allowed me to realise I was already looking at the world through an artists eye and that I already had the tools to see how the work should be formatted. What it did give me was perseverance and some confidence. I started to realise if at the point of giving up, I pushed on, the work would turn into something good and special. It still happens, where I find myself thinking I can’t draw or I can’t get the photograph like I want it in my head, but through perseverance I keep going and it turns into what it needs to be.

News from home

News from home