Interview – RAW Gold Coast September 2014

As part of RAW Gold Coast’s Scope Showcase I was asked to take part in an interview. I’m not too sure what my answers sounded like on the day, but my prepared answers are below;

  1. How long have you been creating?

Since I can remember I have loved the design and aesthetics of things. Growing up I was surrounded by artistic people from poets to painters and musicians, this influenced me a lot. I wrote a lot of poetry in my youth. It was a huge part of my life. My mum died when I was 16 and I inherited her Canon SLR, I have used photography as a medium ever since. Drawing particularly with pastels has really become a focus for me over the last 4 years.

  1. What will you be showcasing tonight?

I’m showcasing my drawings, photography and in some cases the layering of the two.

  1. Explain your work a little, how is it created?

I started drawing faces when I was learning some techniques in 2009, I wanted to draw what I thought was the most difficult thing and now I am just drawn to them. I think about the work a lot before it happens. This can happen over days, weeks and sometimes months. When I draw I like to be submerged in the moment, loud music to block out the world, all my tools at hand. When I photograph it is different, I love the immediacy of it, how quickly it happens. Drawings take hours and hours and hours.

  1. What are you interested in about your work/craft?

Aesthetics are a big part of my current work and simplicity. I adore how a mark on a page can alter the look of something. I love colour, subtlety and white space.

  1. What is your work/sound inspired by, where do you draw your inspiration?

I use images that I am attracted to, to guide me through the landscape of the face, but I am not interested in reproduction. I love everyday beauty and dark corners. The world around me, you know, whatever I am exposed to at the time.

  1. What should others know about your work? Any interesting facts?

When I was writing a lot and living in Sydney I had a few of my pieces recorded by a local Sydney band. For the past 5 years I worked under the moniker of Savage Kitten, making accessories, artworks, tshirts and jewellery.

  1. What feedback to you receive from people who see your work?

My artwork has been described as nostalgic, vintage, like things you’d find in your grandmothers closet. People seem to find a piece they like and then take a certain type of ownership of it.

  1. What are your aspirations for your work?

At the moment I am really interested in creating a body of work. I have quite a lot of ideas and mediums that I want to explore.

  1. What can we expect to see from you in the next five years?

I have just recently started working under my own name, this had been a hugely cathartic and revealing experience. Over the coming years I plan to make a series of works which encompass my youth living in Sydney in the 90s.

10. Where can we get more information about you and your work?

I am on Instagram a lot with my cat Whiskey. I am also on Facebook and have a website kimwheelerart .net


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