I recently learnt how to crochet. It is the most lovely relaxing beautiful craft.

Crochet round rug

Crochet round rug

With my newly learned skill I crocheted this round rug. I had wanted a round floor rug for ages and never expected to be making one myself! I used mostly yarn I had leftover from other projects.

knitted bunting

knitted bunting

I always have a desperate need to use my hands. That is how the knitted bunting came along. I wanted to knit and didn’t know what, so started looking for inspiration. I knitted each flag and tea dyed the pieces of lace that I cut from old doilies I had accumulated.

rustic rope bowls

rustic rope bowls

I can be a perfectionist, craft gives me a lesson in not being pedantic. I actually love raw gritty imperfection too and craft has definitely helped with allowing my process to be more like that. These bowls were great for letting myself just be in the moment and not worrying about perfection. They are perfect in their imperfections.


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